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Sun, Jun. 22nd, 2008, 03:52 am
daanae: seven crossover recs

Push the Pedal Down, by wesleysgirl, is a tightly-plotted and nicely-characterized BtVS/Supernatural crossover, in which Xander and the Winchesters deal with a haunted playground.  The interactions between Sam, Dean, and Xander are particularly well handled.  (gen; BtVS/SPN)

People and Things, by karaokegal, is a Torchwood/House crossover that can perhaps be best summed up as follows:  What Who House did on his summer vacation.  There is actual plot; that tagline just entertains me.  It's a fun story, and both House and Captain Jack are their usual inimitable selves.  I would never have come up with this pairing, but it works.  (slash; House/Jack Harkness)

Rough Heals, by voleuse, is recommended everywhere, and with good reason.  This is Dawn in the FF-'verse -- a Dawn who never died, never grew old -- and it's every bit the tragedy it ought to be.  Beautiful and melancholy.  (gen; BtVS/Firefly)

Game Theory, by halcyon_shift, is a five-part Highlander/Numb3rs crossover.  I've been waiting to read one of these for a while, and this one gets bonus points for mentioning Matthew McCormick.  Well-plotted, well-written, and nicely characterized.  (gen; HL/Numb3rs; link is to the first part.)

The White Lights and the Blue
, by giddygeek is a Hot Fuzz fic, with a surprise crossover at the end.  The relationship between Nick and Danny is nicely done here, and the mystery is light-hearted and fun.  (slash; Nick/Danny)

When Sam Met Sam (and Dean)
, by elayna88, is a Supernatural/Reaper crossover that is fairly well summed up by the title.  If you haven't watched Reaper yet, give it a try.  It's pretty entertaining - as is this story.  (gen)

...featured rec:

Life in Little Canada, by laytoncolt, is absolutely fucking hilarious.  It's a Stephanie Plum/SGA fusion-fic (yes, you read that correctly), and it's got the same special twist of lunacy as do the books -- but with an SGA flavoured twist.  Read it, if only to see Kavanaugh as Vinnie, and Rodney in the Stephanie Plum role.  (slash; John/Rodney)


My name is Rodney McKay, and I grew up in Little Canada. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking there's no such place. I promise you, it exists. I would not have made this place up. It's in Minnesota, just a little town by Minneapolis that you'd miss if you blinked.

The residents of Little Canada have so valiantly hung onto their heritage that they have become far more concerned with being Canadian than actual Canadians. The Canadian flag hung proudly at least at one house out of three, and little girls sold maple syrup on street corners instead of lemonade. The façade is all so complete that I had actually believed I was living in Canada until the age of six, when I learned that those crazy and mysterious Americans my father was always ranting about actually included myself.

The homes are well kempt and everyone always smiles and says thank you and offers to feed your cats when you're away. They love the idea of the nice guy Canadian stereotype, but the truth is they probably only want to feed your cats so they can go through your things when you're not around. They catch tourists off their guard, smiling bright and wide as they overcharge the unsuspecting morons under the guise of keeping their prices at the true Canada rate.


Wed, May. 7th, 2008, 08:42 am
daanae: good fic.

Cleopatra's Needle, by fuschia, is Addams Family fic, a scene  from the beginning of Gomez and Morticia's courtship.  I started reading it out of curiosity, and was absolutely blown away by the imagery, the writing style, the characterizations... I could go on and on.  It's a beautifully written piece; a lush, rich take on a world that has a great deal more to it than kooky jokes.

Morticia casually dropped her shears again as she watched her sister weave unsteadily towards the house, and breathed in the necrotic burn of the pruned lotus' pollen, practicing folding her arms in front of her, one nestled into the other. She had been used to folding her arms across her chest like a corpse, but her body wouldn't let her do that comfortably for long anymore, so she was trying to master crossing them across her waist, fingertips to elbow, neat as a bat.


The Bridal Path, by vyola, is Addams Family Values fic, in which the story of Joel and Wednesday's courtship is told with the absurdist, morbid sense of humour that characterised the original Charles Addams cartoons. 

Stop me if you've heard this before. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are torn apart by a turkey named brotherhood, boy and girl come together over the grave of a Barbie-deprived black widow. But that's just the beginning.

Seventh grade did, indeed, keep them apart, as did most of high school. But Joel Glicker was smart and persistent (witness his possession of the only complete set of `Schizos and Serial Killers' cards on record) and Wednesday Addams was... an Addams.

High school didn't stand a chance.


Finding Hell, by Maya Tawi, is a Supernatural/Hellblazer crossover, set pre-series for Supernatural and sometime after the All His Engines
storyline from Hellblazcer.  The pairing is Dean/Constantine, and the story itself is well-written, tightly plotted, scorchingly hot, and dirty in all of the right ways.  Her Dean is very well done, but her Constantine is absolutely perfect.  (slash - Dean/Constantine, NC-17.  Link to second part of fic is at the end of the page.)

So there he was, hurtling down I-55 in the dark, blasting some Creedence to get in the Louisiana mood and enjoying the rare opportunity to sing along without feeling like a dork, when his headlights flashed over a figure trudging along the side of the highway and some impulse he didn't quite recognize compelled him to slam on the brakes and back up.

The figure had stopped next to a sign that warned Picking up or discharging of passengers prohibited. He was little more than a silhouette, darker black against the night with only the glowing end of a cigarette to break up the monotony, but Dean couldn't shake the feeling that the man was watching him approach-- not his car, but him.


Tarry a Moment, My Charming Girl
, by sionnan_fics, is a BtVS/Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter crossover that I absolutely adored.  This is perhaps the best portrayal of Edward I've yet to come across in fandom; in fact, sionnan gets further into his head than LKH ever bothered to even try.  (het, Faith/Edward, R.)

She steps back, further into the shadows, beckoning him to follow with fuck-me eyes and a promising sort of smile. Oh, if only she knew. When Edward followed things into the darkness, most of the time, he was the only thing that came back out.


Fri, Dec. 21st, 2007, 05:54 pm
daanae: crossover recs

...because somehow, I've accumulated a backlog of them.

First up is havocthecat's Bad Choice of Majors, because it made my day.  Seriously, this fic rules.  It's Xander and Willow in the Pegasus Galaxy just... being Xander and Willow.  The voices are *awesome* in this; it made me want to go and watch all the early seasons of BtVS all over again.  (Stargate: Atlantis/BtVS; gen)


"I told you not to major in archaeology," said the man. He rolled onto his side, pushed himself up, and went over to the Wraith. Bracing one foot on its side, he grabbed the axe haft and started tugging it out of the Wraith. "How many times have I shown you Raiders of the Lost Ark?"

"Xander!" The woman's eyes were wide. "That's fiction! Besides, we weren't on a dig for the Ark of the Covenant. For your information, Giles told me that he thought that temple was the site of some very ancient Goddess-worshippers--"

"Goddess-worshippers with freaky alien artifacts that transported us to a freaky alien planet," said the man, staring at the axe. "Great. Now my birthday present from Buffy is covered in alien blood."


Highly Classified and Very Hush Hush
, by glitterati, is another SGA crossover,  (and why in the name of all that's holy am I getting into this fandom?  it's sucking me in, dammit.), this time with NCIS, in which Gibbs and his team have to deal with some misplaced Atlantis personnel.   Gibbs' reactions to Sheppard are made of win, as is the ending.  There's also a sequel -- Strictly on a Need to Know Basis -- that rocks just as much.  (sga/ncis)


Sheppard shrugs, helping himself to a free chair in the room and making himself comfortable, feet kicked up on the table. He’s loose in the shoulders and unconcerned, and Gibbs thinks that if he had to call this guy his CO, he might die a little on the inside.


Flamebyrd's Of Ancient Languages and Ancient Inventions is a Highlander/SGA crossover.  Methos and his dual reactions to everything are hilarious, as is the way he interacts with the Atlantis team, and his reason for bringing a sword to the Pegasus Galaxy.  (sga/highlander)


Methos had to admit that after spending all that time hanging around Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Defender of Honour and Chivalry and Hero of the Highlands, he found Dr. Rodney McKay rather refreshing.


Darkly Dreaming, by 1001cranes, is a Dexter/Hannibal Lecter crossover that is both creepy and elegant, and remarkably in-character.  More a crossover of the books from which the series/films were spawned than anything else, but of course Hannibal would be interested in Dexter.  (hannibal/dexter)


Ulterior Motives, by astolat, crosses Smallville and Batman Begins.  The relationship between Clark and Lex is beautifully done, as is the reason that Batman gets involved in Metropolis' affairs.  astolat writes great fic -- I highly recommend checking out the rest of her work.


Finally, This Ain't a Scene, it's a Goddamned Arms Race, by hackthis, is a Burn Notice/Alias crossover.  Not only that, but it's Michael Westen/Julian Sark slash-fic that is perfectly in character.  There are *no words* to describe just how much I love this fic.  No words.  (burn notice/alias; slash)

Plus? There's sort of a sequel/tie in:  18 and 5 1/2 Lessons They Don't Teach You in Spy School.  Anyone who's watched Burn Notice knows that Michael Westen has a very distinctive 'voice' -- and this fic does it perfectly.

Thu, Nov. 15th, 2007, 01:16 am
daanae: thirteen highlander fics i thoroughly enjoyed

I've been in a Highlander mood lately, and so you all get to reap the benefits thereof.

, by killa, is a lovely Duncan/Methos piece set post-Messenger.  Like almost everything she's written in the Highlander fandom, it's brilliantly characterized and beautifully written.  There's a wonderful moment on trust, and on that moment under the bridge in Methos (you all know which one).  Plus? The slash is very, very hot.  (Duncan/Methos, slash)

He'd known since leaving Tibet what he meant to do; he'd made the necessary decisions weeks ago, in the quiet of a late summer afternoon at the roof of the world as he'd wandered the monastery gardens. He'd found no easy answers there in the two months since he'd left Paris, no earth-shattering revelations regarding the question of who and what he had become, or was becoming. That was no surprise, of course. He'd never found answers to the big questions of life in any divine strike of inspiration. Answers, when they came, were usually hard-won and ambiguous at best.


The Fourth Horseman
, by Ishafel, is an intriguing, complex, and brilliant character-piece on Methos and the Horsemen.  I don't rec much Horsemen-fic, because so much of it is overblown angst, melodrama, and Methos-torture, but when it's done right, it's *good*.  Good Horsemen-fic makes it clear that there were layers to the Methos-Kronos dynamic that went far beyond pain and nihilism.  This story does that, and does it with a grace and brevity that surprised me.  (gen)

It's a common misconception that Methos was an unwilling conscript to the Horsemen, that he was somehow less at fault in what they did-or at least in their formation-than his brothers. In fact it was Methos who chose them, who banded them together and who gave them a purpose, a name. They were killers already but it was Methos who made them a legend.


I'm a sucker for Methos and Connor together, especially when Connor doesn't know who Methos is right away.  Get Well Soon, by Teresa C., is set just after Archangel.  Told mostly through Joe's perspective, the take on Methos and Connor is fascinating, especially as, since Connor has come looking for his missing kinsman, the meeting takes place without Duncan's potentially tempering influence.  The characterizations are brilliant, there's a unique k'Immie, and the story fits neatly into the gap in canon.  It also answers (albeit obliquely) the question: 'Where the hell was Methos during the Ahriman mess?'  (gen)

Two more lovely Connor-and-Methos stories are Rimau's Matchmaker and The Hunt, which are companion-pieces to one another.  Again, Duncan is missing -- but this time he's been kidnapped by crazed cultists.  The real joy in these stories (one of which is told from Connor's POV, the other from Methos') is the dance between the two of them.  Plus, watching Connor mistake 'Adam Pierson'  for a new Immortal is truly a joy.  (slash; Duncan/Methos)


Everyone and their cousin has rec'd Cate's Ignifer series.  Now it's my turn.  I'll admit, I avoided reading it for a while -- it's heavy on Quickening mythology, which is not usually my thing -- but once I started it, the Methos characterization sucked me in.  The story itself kept me there.  Yes, it's got a lot of Quickening mythology in it -- but it's done well, even brilliantly.  The story also has a fascinating collection of original characters, a fantastic Amanda appearance, a wonderfully malicious k'Immie, resolves relationship issues between Joe, Mac, and Methos, and all within a beautifully-detailed atmosphere.  I can't recommend it enough.  Really.  (slash; Duncan/Methos)


Sugar Daddy
, by Tray, is a Methos/OMC fic, which normally I wouldn't approach with a barge pole.  But it was rec'd by someone I trust (can't remember whom at the moment) so I gave it a chance.  And I was glad I did.  'Adam Pierson' finds himself with a rich 'older' lover, and the complications that ensue range from romantic to comic to tragic, all written with a deft touch that keeps the story from getting bogged down in its own emotional weight.  The characterizations also get a thumbs-up from yours truly. (slash; Methos/OMC)


And Then Some, by Loch Ness, is a long, plotty AU that switches back and forth between Duncan and Methos' first meeting in the middle of WWII and their reunion in series-era Seacouver.  Nazis, crazed Immortals, reluctant attraction, complications with the Watchers, and a Methos who wasn't playing 'Adam' when he met Duncan all combine to make this a unique and enjoyable read.  There's some non-con, but not between Duncan and Methos, and it is a part of the story/plot, so it didn't bother me as much as it usually does. (slash; Duncan/Methos)


MacGeorge's Highlander fic is all brilliant, and I've rec'd her work before.  Somehow, I missed Playground.  It's bystander-fic, but with a dark twist.  It manages to etch out the difference between Mac and Methos in only a few sentences, which is always worth reading.  (gen)


Easy, by laura j. valentine, is a short Endgame-centric piece on Methos, retrieving Mac's sword from the Sanctuary.  Written from the point-of-view of one of the Watchers he retrieved it from, this story is concise, chilling, and beautiful all at once. (gen)


You all know of my fannish love for Rhiannon Shaw and all her works.  Doppelganger and Storm Crow are two brilliant Highlander/X-Files crossovers in which Alex Krycek and the conspiracy run into Matthew McCormick, the Immortal FBI agent from Manhunt.  I really can't say more without spoiling them; however, these are two of the best crossovers I've read in some time -- and I read a lot of crossovers.  (slash; Krycek/Matthew)


And another of Rhiannon's fics to finish things off -- It'll Never Work.  Best summarized thus:  The problem with waking Methos up at three in the morning is that he'll still be awake and thinking an hour later.  Includes Amanda, Connor, and a brilliant twisty plot.  Go.  Read.  Now.  (gen)


As always, please let me know if any of these links are broken -- and let the author(s) know how much you enjoyed their work!  Feedback is fandom's version of royalties, people!  

Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007, 09:58 pm
daanae: recs, recs, and more recs - very multi-fandom

Waylaid, by killa, is a brilliantly written historical slash piece.  The two main characters, Connor MacLeod and Matthew McCormick, were peripheral to the series, (especially Matthew, who appeared in only one episode), but killa does a fantastic job with them.  (Connor MacLeod/Matthew McCormick, slash)


Biting Dust
, by Nynaeve, is a short conversation between Methos and Connor MacLeod.  Again, the characterizations are brilliant.  (gen; Connor, Methos)


A Miracle Every Day, by Aristide, is Duncan/Methos slash, and it's brilliant.  The characterizations are particularly lovely in this one.  This is the sort of fic that got me into the Highlander fandom in the first place. (D/M slash)


Wotan's Day, by filenotch, is a Highlander/X-Files crossover.  The author's summary is as follows:  "The year is 2023. Methos, the oldest of the Immortals in Highlander, has been living as a corporate lawyer in Denver. Alexander Krycek, the double-dealing ratboy of the X-Files, has been living there as an art dealer, running a gallery in Aurora, Colorado. They are lovers, but they each know nothing about the other's past. All Hell is about to break loose."

The word to best describe this fic?  Unexpected.  The author does not shy away from the darker aspects of the characters, and still manages to draw pictures of them that ring perfectly true.  Plus?  Plot.  Lots and lots and lots of it.  This fic made me incredibly happy.  (Methos/Krycek slash)


I'm not really a big fan of het fic, but Close Your Eyes and Think of England, by monimala, is sheer brilliance.  Plus?  It's hot.  (Casino Royale/Veronica Mars; James Bond/Veronica Mars)


Good Deeds, by sayin, is a Good Omens/Supernatural crossover that made me laugh like a mad thing.  The ending, in particular, is sheer genius.  (SPN/GO, gen)


This Deathly Hallows Parody by naill_renfro is absolutely wonderful crack.  Go read it, particularly if book 7 disappointed you as much as it did me.  (HP, gen)


Muse, by Mary Borsellino, is a character study of Azrael from the movie Dogma.  The only thing I really had to say once I'd finished it was 'holy jesus fuck'.  Chilling, and brilliantly written.  (gen, Dogma)


The Game, by Insanity Inside, is Discworld gen-fic; a game of Thud between two characters who never lose.  (gen; Granny Weatherwax, Lord Vetinari)


Outward Bound, by Hth, is an Angel/Stargate: Atlantis crossover, and it's genius.  Gunn, after the alley, far from home and finding a peace of sorts.  (AtS/SGA; Gunn/Ronon, slash)

Thu, Sep. 6th, 2007, 03:54 am
daanae: two historical fic recs

Dead Man Blues, by Elsa Frohman, is one of the more interesting stories that I've come across recently.  It's a BtVS story, Spike-centric, and features an OFC who manages not to be a Mary Sue even when she really should be one.  I absolutely hate OFCs, so the fact that I finished reading this story, let alone am recommending it, should tell you a lot.  It goes back and forth in time between season 5 of BtVS and 1925, when Spike was managing a blues group and in a fight with the Council of Watchers.

This fic has a lot of elements that I love.  The author's use of the blues to augment and add to the story is inspired.  I adore historical!Spike.  I particularly like historical Spike fic that shows him as the complex, multi-layered vampire he was, rather than as a flat, anarchic villain.  I also love any fic in which pre-series Spike faces off with the Watchers.  This presses all of those buttons, and more besides -- although no real action takes place in s5, the relationships between the Scoobies -- and particularly between Giles and Spike -- are fantastically drawn, as Spike recounts his tale.  This is a well-characterized, well-written, enthralling story, and I highly recommend it.  (BtVS; Spike/other, historical)


"That's how it was in the summer '25. Dru'd been gone for weeks. I was on my own.

"But it wasn't so bad. I was doing all right. Jazz had just got London, and there were clubs everywhere and plenty of people out on the streets late at night. We may have imported the music, but we didn't bring Prohibition with it, so there was plenty of booze and plenty of tossers. Many a night I didn't even have to go into a club to get pissed -- just eat someone who was staggering his way home ..."

Willow made an "ewww" face.

"You asked, Red. Yeah, I was hunting and feeding regularly. The pickings were easy. Not like the Blitz. The blackout rules put a crimp in my diet, I'll tell you that for free. But that's another story.

"London in 1925 was a vampire's dream. And there were a good number of us around. Of course, the bloody Watchers were gearing up to fight what they thought was a plague ..."


Let Us Hope and Trust
, by daughtersofisis, is another historical fic, this one from the Good Omens fandom.  Aziraphale and Crowley against the backdrop of King Leopold II's genocidal mania in the Congo.  This one is heartbreakingly *real*, the language spare and flawless, and the description of Aziraphale, waiting for the go-ahead from Heaven that never comes, packs an almost physical punch.  (Good Omens, gen, historical)


He stood in Leopoldville and watched humanity. He walked in the jungle and screamed. He waited for something, anything.

What he got was Crowley.

You know what? he said. Twain says Leopold will 'shame hell itself when he arrives there'.


They don't want him, said Crowley. No one wants to be responsible for this.


Sat, Aug. 4th, 2007, 07:52 pm
daanae: Harry Potter recs...

...in honour of the Deathly Hallows release.  Anything with DH spoilers will be marked as such.

First up is If You've A Ready Mind, by Maya.  I adore this story!  It's a long and incredibly well-written/plotted/characterized AU in which Draco Malfoy is sorted into Ravenclaw, rather than Slytherin.  The best thing about this fic is that Maya doesn't immediately assume that Harry and Draco would become friends; in fact, the switch does little to affect their relationship, at least at first.  This fic goes through the first six books and changes them, while leaving every character very recognizable as themselves.  I particularly like Maya's Draco, who is a great deal more like his cousin Sirius than either he or Harry Potter recognizes; she also does a fantastic job of aging her characters as the story progresses.  (Harry/Draco, slash)

It all happened because Draco was a little
distracted that day. Things had not been going well. Father had been very cutting about Draco's plan to smuggle a racing broom into Hogwarts, Crabbe had sat on his lunch on the train and Harry Potter had turned out to be a rude, insufferable gitface. It was not how Draco had pictured his first day.

It also happened because Draco had a tendency to babble when he was nervous.

So he sat in complete blackness, a stupid threadbare hat covering his eyes and its stupid voice ringing in his ears, and started to talk.

"Malfoy - that'll be Slytherin, then..."

"Yes, please," Draco said. "Or Ravenclaw, you know, that wouldn't be bad either. Not Hufflepuff though, because otherwise I shall instantly transfer to Durmstrang."

"Ravenclaw." The Hat paused. "Interesting. Haven't heard a Malfoy ask for another house for decades."

"Er," Draco said. "Actually, on second thoughts, scratch that, Slytherin, please. Just Slytherin, no also-rans, no second guessing. Slytherin!"

"Perhaps it's time for a little diversity. RAVENCLAW!"

"I changed my mind," Draco hissed, and then felt hands tugging at the hat brim. "Just a minute!" he said indignantly to the old woman in green. "I need to get something cleared up, this incompetent piece of haberdashery has entirely misunderstood me-"

"Mr Malfoy, it is time to join your new house!"

Draco blinked in the light, glared and held onto the hat. All the people at a table decked in
blue were clapping, this could not be happening. He glared at them and the clapping faltered, at which point Professor McGorgon glared at him.

"Mr Malfoy!"

Draco got off the stool with extreme reluctance. "My father will hear about this," he informed her, and stomped to the stupid table in stupid blue.


Summer Colours, by ariafic, is a wonderful Marauders slice-of-life fic; just four boys, doing what boys do best.  (gen)
“I think,” Peter announces, and falls silent, as though expecting someone to deny this claim.

No one seems inclined to bother. The four boys are sitting beneath their favourite tree down by the lake, and are too exhausted by their last few exams and the sudden heat wave to muster up enough energy to do much of anything, let alone argue. James is lying flat on his face in the cool grass, though from the agitated way one of his hands is tearing at it, he isn’t grateful for the respite from the unrelenting heat of the day. Sirius is lying on his back next to James, staring absently at the branches above their heads. Remus is reading.

Sometimes, when none of the boys want to waste their breath talking about
that one tree down by the lake, you know, it is referred to as Moony’s Reading Tree.

Also by ariafic is Veil, a short, humourous Harry Potter/Discworld crossover, featuring Sirius and DEATH behind the veil.  It should have been fixed this easily.  (Sirius/Remus-ish)


Fires of Bone
, by ignipes, is one of the most stunningly beautiful fanfics I've ever read.  I'd put this one up there with The Shadow of his Wings and Adorn the Sky.  I can't describe it; just go read it.  (Sirius/Remus)


Parrot, by penknife, is a Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean fusion-fic that I absolutely adored.   This is another one that I can't quite explain -- you'll just have to trust me when I tell you of its brilliance.  (gen)


Finally, With Sword and Head Held High by ushmushmeifa is the only good Harry Potter/Highlander crossover I have ever found.  Ever.  It's getting included here because I wanted to find a readable crossover of this nature for so long, and now I have; ha!  (This story gets bonus points because the two Immortals in it are Connor and Methos.  Which rocks.)  (gen)

Tue, Jul. 17th, 2007, 05:36 pm
daanae: for your funny bone

Pushdragon's Estate of Sirius Black vs. the Ministry of Magic is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.  Shades of Monty Python, with a Harry Potter twist.  Enjoy.  Then, go read the sequel.  (humour; gen-ish)

Thu, Jul. 12th, 2007, 09:53 pm
daanae: good fic

I've been recommending a lot of Rhiannon Shaw's stories lately, and there's a good reason for that.  She writes great Highlander fic.  She does incredible things with minor characters from a multitude of fandoms, and she writes fantastic crossovers.  In my opinion, everything she's written is worth a look-see, but as she's not only gifted, but prolific as well, I don't have the time or space to list all of her stories here.  Instead, here are a few of my favourites.


Clair de Lune
is a Highlander/BtVS crossover featuring Joe and Oz, and oh, man, the voices in it are just perfect, as is the interaction between the two of them.  (gen)


Fire in the Hole
is a Highlander/X-Files/BtVS crossover, and it's just plain awesome.  I can't even really describe it; it's wonderfully surreal, action-filled, and well-characterized.  (gen; Mulder, Cory Raines, Carl Robinson, Giles, Oz, Robin Wood)


Reflections is the first in a series of beautifully written (and hot) slash pieces featuring Duncan MacLeod and Matthew McCormick.  This isn't a pairing I'd ever have thought of, but Rhiannon writes it beautifully.  Once you read this story, go and read the rest of the Southern Comfort series.  It is most excellent.  (slash)


Hot Pursuit is a Highlander/Due South crossover featuring Matthew McCormick.  In Rhiannon's hands, Matthew is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters in fandom.  This story is wonderfully absurd, as well as beautifully characterized.  (gen; Matthew McCormick, Benton Fraser)


Cornered Rat is a Highlander/X-Files crossover featuring Connor MacLeod and Alex Krycek.  This one's fan-fucking-tastic, especially the careful maneuvering between two very dangerous men that Rhiannon manages wonderfully.  (gen/pre-slash)

As always, please tell me if any links on this page are broken -- and remember, writers live for feedback!  Send some!

Sun, Jun. 17th, 2007, 06:21 pm
daanae: who wants to live forever?

Here are some Highlander recs for you to enjoy.

Closing In, by Chris, is a short, creepy little gem of a story.  Kronos is hunting Methos, and Methos knows he's coming.  (gen; Methos)


Did anyone else ever wonder why Cory Raines and Amanda finally stopped their five state crime spree from Money No ObjectRhiannon Shaw did, and the result is Persona Non Grata, a fun, fast-paced fic that features Cory and Amanda, and makes reference to Matthew McCormick, one of my favorite minor characters from Highlander(gen; Cory, Amanda)


The Better Part of Valor
, by Teresa C., is an older fic that's been rec'd everywhere, and with good reason.  This one contains 'missing scenes' from and after 'Indiscretions', and the interaction between Joe, Methos, and Amy is too good to miss.  (gen; Methos, Joe)


The Secret War
, by keerawa, is one of the best Methos and Joe stories I've ever read.  I love fic that has those two in it.  When it's done right, the relationship between them is potentially more interesting than the one between Methos and Duncan.  And I'm not talking slash, either.  I'm firmly of the opinion that Joe don't do no slash.  Just - the way they relate to each other, and the way that Joe is very much the elder, despite the fact that Methos is a hundred times older.   In this long, well-plotted story, the two of them team up to go after a resurgence of the Hunters.  The story itself is cleverly woven into canon, with some nice foreshadowing of episodes that haven't happened yet.  Go.  Read it now.  Tell her how much you liked it.  (gen; Joe, Methos)

Methos stretched to his full height, filling the tiny office with his presence. “You see, I’ve been down that road you’re on, all the way to its bloody end. And I’m betting you won’t like where it takes you.”  I caught a glimpse of someone else in his eyes. It wasn’t the Adam Pierson I knew, or any version of Methos I’d seen before. It was someone who lived immersed in blood and vengeance like a deep cold ocean beyond the reach of the sun. I didn’t move a muscle. Methos stared down at me with a vicious twist to his lips....

...I sat trembling at my desk. So that’s what 5,000 year-old wisdom looks like. Imagine fucking up so spectacularly that for the rest of your Immortal life, all you have to do is let folks see a glimpse of it to scare them straight. Damn.


Jan Tryfanstone has one of the best Methos voices in fandom.  Misrule, a lovely Christmas story, is one of her best.  The difference between the Christmas traditions that Duncan and Methos remember and the ones that we observe today; Duncan coaxing Methos out of his shell; Duncan taking over Methos' life like a hurricane (and who says he never learned anything from Amanda), and of course, Methos' reactions to all of this - trust me, this one's good.  When you're done reading it, go and read the rest of her Highlander fic.  It's all brilliant.  (slash; Duncan/Methos)

On a cold morning in December (To be exact, Sunday, the 25th day of December, a morning that silvered the grass and skinned the duck pond with crackling ice) Methos answers the door. He has not been answering the door since the beginning of the month when the man from Lyon and Turnbull had delivered his recently purchased twelfth century copy of Juvenal's satires. Thus the action of leaving his comfortable chair by the fire is indicative of a caller beyond the usual. Indeed, were it not for the uncomfortable and often regretted fact that, for various reasons best left unstated, Methos knows only too well who is standing on his doorstep before he leaves his chair, this particular call would go as unheeded as every other.


This Set Down, by Jane St. Clair, is a wonderful short story on Methos, relationships, Duncan, and attitudes in general.  Enjoy it.  I did.  (implied slash; Duncan/Methos)

The irritating thing about Cassandra is that somewhere in his head, he's still married to her.  It wasn't, by any modern standard, a healthy marriage, but it was good enough at the time.  Food, sex, and occasionally he brought her home dead things.  They were both filthy all the time, and he liked his horse better.


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