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Wed, May. 7th, 2008, 08:42 am
daanae: good fic.

Cleopatra's Needle, by fuschia, is Addams Family fic, a scene  from the beginning of Gomez and Morticia's courtship.  I started reading it out of curiosity, and was absolutely blown away by the imagery, the writing style, the characterizations... I could go on and on.  It's a beautifully written piece; a lush, rich take on a world that has a great deal more to it than kooky jokes.

Morticia casually dropped her shears again as she watched her sister weave unsteadily towards the house, and breathed in the necrotic burn of the pruned lotus' pollen, practicing folding her arms in front of her, one nestled into the other. She had been used to folding her arms across her chest like a corpse, but her body wouldn't let her do that comfortably for long anymore, so she was trying to master crossing them across her waist, fingertips to elbow, neat as a bat.


The Bridal Path, by vyola, is Addams Family Values fic, in which the story of Joel and Wednesday's courtship is told with the absurdist, morbid sense of humour that characterised the original Charles Addams cartoons. 

Stop me if you've heard this before. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are torn apart by a turkey named brotherhood, boy and girl come together over the grave of a Barbie-deprived black widow. But that's just the beginning.

Seventh grade did, indeed, keep them apart, as did most of high school. But Joel Glicker was smart and persistent (witness his possession of the only complete set of `Schizos and Serial Killers' cards on record) and Wednesday Addams was... an Addams.

High school didn't stand a chance.


Finding Hell, by Maya Tawi, is a Supernatural/Hellblazer crossover, set pre-series for Supernatural and sometime after the All His Engines
storyline from Hellblazcer.  The pairing is Dean/Constantine, and the story itself is well-written, tightly plotted, scorchingly hot, and dirty in all of the right ways.  Her Dean is very well done, but her Constantine is absolutely perfect.  (slash - Dean/Constantine, NC-17.  Link to second part of fic is at the end of the page.)

So there he was, hurtling down I-55 in the dark, blasting some Creedence to get in the Louisiana mood and enjoying the rare opportunity to sing along without feeling like a dork, when his headlights flashed over a figure trudging along the side of the highway and some impulse he didn't quite recognize compelled him to slam on the brakes and back up.

The figure had stopped next to a sign that warned Picking up or discharging of passengers prohibited. He was little more than a silhouette, darker black against the night with only the glowing end of a cigarette to break up the monotony, but Dean couldn't shake the feeling that the man was watching him approach-- not his car, but him.


Tarry a Moment, My Charming Girl
, by sionnan_fics, is a BtVS/Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter crossover that I absolutely adored.  This is perhaps the best portrayal of Edward I've yet to come across in fandom; in fact, sionnan gets further into his head than LKH ever bothered to even try.  (het, Faith/Edward, R.)

She steps back, further into the shadows, beckoning him to follow with fuck-me eyes and a promising sort of smile. Oh, if only she knew. When Edward followed things into the darkness, most of the time, he was the only thing that came back out.