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Thu, Sep. 6th, 2007, 03:54 am
daanae: two historical fic recs

Dead Man Blues, by Elsa Frohman, is one of the more interesting stories that I've come across recently.  It's a BtVS story, Spike-centric, and features an OFC who manages not to be a Mary Sue even when she really should be one.  I absolutely hate OFCs, so the fact that I finished reading this story, let alone am recommending it, should tell you a lot.  It goes back and forth in time between season 5 of BtVS and 1925, when Spike was managing a blues group and in a fight with the Council of Watchers.

This fic has a lot of elements that I love.  The author's use of the blues to augment and add to the story is inspired.  I adore historical!Spike.  I particularly like historical Spike fic that shows him as the complex, multi-layered vampire he was, rather than as a flat, anarchic villain.  I also love any fic in which pre-series Spike faces off with the Watchers.  This presses all of those buttons, and more besides -- although no real action takes place in s5, the relationships between the Scoobies -- and particularly between Giles and Spike -- are fantastically drawn, as Spike recounts his tale.  This is a well-characterized, well-written, enthralling story, and I highly recommend it.  (BtVS; Spike/other, historical)


"That's how it was in the summer '25. Dru'd been gone for weeks. I was on my own.

"But it wasn't so bad. I was doing all right. Jazz had just got London, and there were clubs everywhere and plenty of people out on the streets late at night. We may have imported the music, but we didn't bring Prohibition with it, so there was plenty of booze and plenty of tossers. Many a night I didn't even have to go into a club to get pissed -- just eat someone who was staggering his way home ..."

Willow made an "ewww" face.

"You asked, Red. Yeah, I was hunting and feeding regularly. The pickings were easy. Not like the Blitz. The blackout rules put a crimp in my diet, I'll tell you that for free. But that's another story.

"London in 1925 was a vampire's dream. And there were a good number of us around. Of course, the bloody Watchers were gearing up to fight what they thought was a plague ..."


Let Us Hope and Trust
, by daughtersofisis, is another historical fic, this one from the Good Omens fandom.  Aziraphale and Crowley against the backdrop of King Leopold II's genocidal mania in the Congo.  This one is heartbreakingly *real*, the language spare and flawless, and the description of Aziraphale, waiting for the go-ahead from Heaven that never comes, packs an almost physical punch.  (Good Omens, gen, historical)


He stood in Leopoldville and watched humanity. He walked in the jungle and screamed. He waited for something, anything.

What he got was Crowley.

You know what? he said. Twain says Leopold will 'shame hell itself when he arrives there'.


They don't want him, said Crowley. No one wants to be responsible for this.