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thirteen highlander fics i thoroughly enjoyed

I've been in a Highlander mood lately, and so you all get to reap the benefits thereof.

, by killa, is a lovely Duncan/Methos piece set post-Messenger.  Like almost everything she's written in the Highlander fandom, it's brilliantly characterized and beautifully written.  There's a wonderful moment on trust, and on that moment under the bridge in Methos (you all know which one).  Plus? The slash is very, very hot.  (Duncan/Methos, slash)

He'd known since leaving Tibet what he meant to do; he'd made the necessary decisions weeks ago, in the quiet of a late summer afternoon at the roof of the world as he'd wandered the monastery gardens. He'd found no easy answers there in the two months since he'd left Paris, no earth-shattering revelations regarding the question of who and what he had become, or was becoming. That was no surprise, of course. He'd never found answers to the big questions of life in any divine strike of inspiration. Answers, when they came, were usually hard-won and ambiguous at best.


The Fourth Horseman
, by Ishafel, is an intriguing, complex, and brilliant character-piece on Methos and the Horsemen.  I don't rec much Horsemen-fic, because so much of it is overblown angst, melodrama, and Methos-torture, but when it's done right, it's *good*.  Good Horsemen-fic makes it clear that there were layers to the Methos-Kronos dynamic that went far beyond pain and nihilism.  This story does that, and does it with a grace and brevity that surprised me.  (gen)

It's a common misconception that Methos was an unwilling conscript to the Horsemen, that he was somehow less at fault in what they did-or at least in their formation-than his brothers. In fact it was Methos who chose them, who banded them together and who gave them a purpose, a name. They were killers already but it was Methos who made them a legend.


I'm a sucker for Methos and Connor together, especially when Connor doesn't know who Methos is right away.  Get Well Soon, by Teresa C., is set just after Archangel.  Told mostly through Joe's perspective, the take on Methos and Connor is fascinating, especially as, since Connor has come looking for his missing kinsman, the meeting takes place without Duncan's potentially tempering influence.  The characterizations are brilliant, there's a unique k'Immie, and the story fits neatly into the gap in canon.  It also answers (albeit obliquely) the question: 'Where the hell was Methos during the Ahriman mess?'  (gen)

Two more lovely Connor-and-Methos stories are Rimau's Matchmaker and The Hunt, which are companion-pieces to one another.  Again, Duncan is missing -- but this time he's been kidnapped by crazed cultists.  The real joy in these stories (one of which is told from Connor's POV, the other from Methos') is the dance between the two of them.  Plus, watching Connor mistake 'Adam Pierson'  for a new Immortal is truly a joy.  (slash; Duncan/Methos)


Everyone and their cousin has rec'd Cate's Ignifer series.  Now it's my turn.  I'll admit, I avoided reading it for a while -- it's heavy on Quickening mythology, which is not usually my thing -- but once I started it, the Methos characterization sucked me in.  The story itself kept me there.  Yes, it's got a lot of Quickening mythology in it -- but it's done well, even brilliantly.  The story also has a fascinating collection of original characters, a fantastic Amanda appearance, a wonderfully malicious k'Immie, resolves relationship issues between Joe, Mac, and Methos, and all within a beautifully-detailed atmosphere.  I can't recommend it enough.  Really.  (slash; Duncan/Methos)


Sugar Daddy
, by Tray, is a Methos/OMC fic, which normally I wouldn't approach with a barge pole.  But it was rec'd by someone I trust (can't remember whom at the moment) so I gave it a chance.  And I was glad I did.  'Adam Pierson' finds himself with a rich 'older' lover, and the complications that ensue range from romantic to comic to tragic, all written with a deft touch that keeps the story from getting bogged down in its own emotional weight.  The characterizations also get a thumbs-up from yours truly. (slash; Methos/OMC)


And Then Some, by Loch Ness, is a long, plotty AU that switches back and forth between Duncan and Methos' first meeting in the middle of WWII and their reunion in series-era Seacouver.  Nazis, crazed Immortals, reluctant attraction, complications with the Watchers, and a Methos who wasn't playing 'Adam' when he met Duncan all combine to make this a unique and enjoyable read.  There's some non-con, but not between Duncan and Methos, and it is a part of the story/plot, so it didn't bother me as much as it usually does. (slash; Duncan/Methos)


MacGeorge's Highlander fic is all brilliant, and I've rec'd her work before.  Somehow, I missed Playground.  It's bystander-fic, but with a dark twist.  It manages to etch out the difference between Mac and Methos in only a few sentences, which is always worth reading.  (gen)


Easy, by laura j. valentine, is a short Endgame-centric piece on Methos, retrieving Mac's sword from the Sanctuary.  Written from the point-of-view of one of the Watchers he retrieved it from, this story is concise, chilling, and beautiful all at once. (gen)


You all know of my fannish love for Rhiannon Shaw and all her works.  Doppelganger and Storm Crow are two brilliant Highlander/X-Files crossovers in which Alex Krycek and the conspiracy run into Matthew McCormick, the Immortal FBI agent from Manhunt.  I really can't say more without spoiling them; however, these are two of the best crossovers I've read in some time -- and I read a lot of crossovers.  (slash; Krycek/Matthew)


And another of Rhiannon's fics to finish things off -- It'll Never Work.  Best summarized thus:  The problem with waking Methos up at three in the morning is that he'll still be awake and thinking an hour later.  Includes Amanda, Connor, and a brilliant twisty plot.  Go.  Read.  Now.  (gen)


As always, please let me know if any of these links are broken -- and let the author(s) know how much you enjoyed their work!  Feedback is fandom's version of royalties, people!  
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