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Sat, Jun. 9th, 2007, 06:23 pm
daanae: (no subject)

Here are some of the more esoteric crossovers I've come across and enjoyed recently.

First up is butterflykiki's Long Way Around, a wonderfully done Highlander/Dr. Who crossover.  The dialogue is perfect -- long live the snark -- and Methos is particularly well written.  Also, bonus points for the ending, which manages to be not only touching and hopeful, but in-character and well thought out.  (gen; Highlander/Dr. Who)

"The face is different, the voice is different, but you're still the Doctor. And you still owe me a drink."


Amand-r's Up in the Valley, Down on the Mountain has been rec'd over and over again, and with good reason.  I've been avoiding it for years, because frankly, the idea of a Highlander/Chronicles of Narnia crossover didn't appeal.  I finally read it -- and I'm glad I did.  This fic is beautiful.  Writing, ideas, characterizations -- she even gets Aslan right, and that's damn near impossible.  Go and read this fic.  You'll be glad you did.  (gen; Highlander/Narnia)

Methos knew he was no longer on the property of the estate he and Mac had rented; he knew every inch of that land. He cast strange looks to the sky, which was a lovely shade of blue, and the grass that grew wild and tall about his feet.


You Only Live Forever, by MacGeorge, is a Highlander/James Bond crossover.  This is one of the few Highlander recs on this page for a story that does not feature Methos in any way.  Instead, this is all Duncan -- and MacGeorge does a fantastic job of writing him.  I particularly enjoyed the exchanges between Duncan and Bond.  Both are such alpha males, and MacGeorge writes them both beautifully.   This is a plot-filled, action-filled story, and I highly recommend it.  (het; Highlander/James Bond - Duncan/Tessa, Tessa/other)

Bond had read MacLeod's file. It was all a little too pat, too neat. An orphan with an eclectic European education, no living relatives, no significant ties to any place or time or people. The man was too good at too many things -- martial arts of all kinds, covert operations, multiple languages, social awareness and flexibility that helped him blend into virtually any situation. He had amassed skills rarely seen in an agent with twice his experience. And there was an arrogant certainty and self-possession about the man that Bond found grating. His instincts were trying to tell him something about Duncan MacLeod, he just had not figured out what - yet.


pentapus has written three lovely Highlander/Stargate: Atlantis crossover snippets.  The characterization of Methos is absolutely spot on; word perfect in every way.  Go and read them - and pester her to write more of them!  (one) (two) (three(gen; Highlander/SGA)

"And with Wraith regenerative abilities and a similar," Rodney hestiated, finishing awkwardly, "use of energy -- which is ridiculous because if this is true? There should be a race of near immortal humanoids running around and possibly eating people or sucking the life out of them or something equally, I don't know, conspicuous."

"Wow," said Pierson from linguistics, sitting across from the scientists with the rest of the language team, translations spread out around them, "that sounds


Spin the Bottle, by amberleewriter, is a Highlander/Holby City crossover, though you don't need to know anything about Holby City to understand and enjoy this fic.  amberleewriter has a particularly deft touch with the relationship between Methos and Joe, and that is primarily what this story is about.  (gen; Highlander/Holby City.  Methos, Joe)

Any misgivings Joe had were outweighed by curiosity. He took the bottle and placed it on its side in the center of the table. He could read some of the stickers now. One said, "Used Car Salesman." Another said, "Lawyer." Still another read, "Computer Programmer."


Death Takes a Roman Holiday
, by Nestra, is a Buffy/Angel/Highlander crossover that deals with Buffy's first encounter with The Immortal.  This fic is beautifully done.  The characterizations are strong, the writing is good -- all in all, this one's a keeper.  (gen/het - BtVS/AtS/Highlander - Buffy/Methos)

When she'd moved to Italy, Buffy had expected a lot of things to be different. And she was okay with that. She wanted different. She was learning Italian by watching dubbed reruns of Sex and the City. She'd started to enjoy drinking soda without ice. The vamps in Italy used all sorts of new moves, none of the kung fu stuff the Sunnydale vamps had been so fond of. And she really, really didn't miss the drama that came from dating guys who weren't human.

So overall, she wasn't pleased that the undead guy was hitting on her. Even if his accent was really sexy.


There is No Seven, by Tesla, is one of the best fics I've come across recently.  A Buffy/Angel/X-Files crossover, it goes AU from Mulder's abduction in the woods.  Instead of being taken by aliens, he is instead taken by Wolfram & Hart, at which point he is turned into a vampire by Drusilla.  He goes to L.A. in search of her, and runs into Spike instead.  Meanwhile, Scully and a handcuffed and unhappy Alex Krycek are on their way to L.A. as well, to talk to a certain vampire detective about the spell that restored his soul...  Well-plotted, well-characterized and well-written, this is a thoroughly enjoyable story.   Spike and Alex Krycek are particularly well done.  (gen - XF/BtVS/AtS)

"I wouldn't torture her, either," Mulder said, "but you tortured Angel." He took the cigarette out of Spike's slack hand, and took a drag.  Jeeze, it was true. Cigarette smoking was an evil habit.

"Oh, that was just a bit of fun to make him give me something back.  Besides," and here Spike grew gloomy again, "Dru'd like being tortured. Odd girl." He glanced up at the television. "Hey! Where's Man U?"

Mulder sighed, and hit the recall button on the remote. Spike was too old and too violent to argue with.


Jennifer Oksana's Zombies Are a Girl's Best Friend is an absolutely hilarious Angel/Arrested Development crossover, in which Lilah and Lindsey are old school friends and Lilah's return from the dead causes some... issues in the Bluth household.  The entire cast of Arrested Development is perfectly written, and Lilah is wonderfully enjoyable.  (gen - AtS/Arrested Development)

Lindsay's best friend was a high-powered corporate attorney named Lilah Morgan. They'd become best friends in college, when Lindsay had caught Lilah adding a special ingredient (LSD) to the punch at the Delta Delta Zeta sorority mixer. Lindsay had broken out her stock of Percocet for the cause, and the resulting party had cemented their friendship forever when Lilah and Lindsay's archrival Dana Robertson had been caught doing a striptease for several university trustees...without any of the punch.

A beautiful friendship born that night had lasted well over a decade, through late-night drunken experimentation, marriages, scandals, and both Lilah and Lindsay trying and failing to date Johnny Depp's publicist. Unfortunately, it had ended the year before when Lilah had apparently died in a freak beheading accident involving an axe, her two-timing British boyfriend, and a great deal of happenings that reminded Gob never to use actual axes when cutting people in half.


Enigmatic Absurdities by eponine is a House/Angel/Buffy crossover in which Angel is struck by a car and ends up in House's 'tender care'.  House, for his part, is fascinated by a conscious, coherent patient with no pulse or heartbeat.  This one is brilliant.  Everyone is in character, the story is well-written, and House and Angel in particular are letter-perfect.  (gen - House/Angel/Buffy - post Chosen, NFA)

"I was wondering when you were going to get around to stating the obvious," House said as he got to his feet and began pacing. "As I'm sure you're all aware, a great many of our cases are abnormal. That's why they get assigned to us instead of being diagnosed at, say, the clinic. Generally what we see goes a bit beyond the average flu and food poisoning cases. We end up with the more challenging cases, rare diseases or uncommon presentations of more ordinary pathogens. This case, however, is a little further up the ladder of unusual than even we're accustomed to. I'd even go as far as to label the man's symptoms as impossible, if it weren't for the fact that he is actually suffering from them."


Minimal Grounds for Disaster
, by Raven, is a Harry Potter/Discworld crossover in which Remus ends up on the Disc, is arrested by the Watch, and meets Sgt. Angua, as well as some very strange wizards.  This is wonderfully done, and very funny.  (gen; HP/Discworld)

They brought him by way of Treacle Mine Road, past Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler ("Sausages! Inna bun!") and into the Watch House. They tried to place him before Commander Vimes, but hit an insurmountable obstacle in the fact there was no Commander Vimes for him to be placed before, unless they wanted to place him before the commander being placed before the Patrician, which would only have been possible had the Oblong Office been inside the Watch House.*

- - - - - -
* Or had Remus, Vimes or Vetinari (or some combination of the three) been capable of being in two places at once. Which, to clarify, they weren't, although in the case of Vetinari, Leonard of Quirm was working on it.

Sun, May. 13th, 2007, 11:06 pm
daanae: a handful of unusual crossover recs

Never in a million years would I have thought of crossing Supernatural with American Gods, but the following two stories did just that, and did it beautifully.  (If you haven't read American Gods, go and buy it.  Neil Gaiman is brilliant.)


The first story is iseult_variante's The Gods Might Offer Gifts.  Dean, Sam, Czernobog, and the three Zoryas.  This is a gorgeous, lyrical story that very much captures the spirit of the book.  (gen, Supernatural/American Gods)

(America is a bad land for gods. They take root well enough, but grow stunted or crooked, pale distortions on the glass of distant immigrant memory.

America is a bad land for gods; it is a cruel land for heroes. When people have forgotten the divine, they like to live in ignorance of the other things that lurk in the dark closets of the mind. Those who would guard the door are unpleasant reminders – in their hearts, when sheep look at the dogs that guard the flock, they see too much of the wolf for comfort.)


Dust in the Wind, by lyra_wing, is another incredible story; this one I don't really have words for.  The concept alone - yeah.  Just go read it.  You'll be glad you did.  (gen, Supernatural/American Gods)

(They remember things they've never seen. They remember the hammer strikes of the first railroad – the precursor to Route 66, drawing together the high-collar east and the dusty wild west. They remember the first time Ford's engine roared to life. They remember the paving of the first highway, the invention of the drive-through, the first time an electric guitar sang and wailed. Everything that makes them who they are, makes America what it is. They know it all like they know their own names.)


The wonderful dreya_uberwald has written an untitled Harry Potter/Discworld crossover that is not only brilliantly funny, but gives Dumbledore a happier ending than JKR did.  Plus, Ridcully.  (gen, Harry Potter/Discworld)

(“Azrael?” said Dumbledore’s spirit with a small smile.


“Well, Fawkes does tend to die quite a lot.”



Conversations, by priya, is a House/West Wing crossover that captures both House and Bartlett brilliantly.  The dialogue is particularly enjoyable, as is the tete-a-tete between Wilson and Leo.  (hints of slash; House/West Wing)

("So," House said, eyeing the patient. "What's wrong with your leg?"

President Bartlet sized him up just as coldly. "What's wrong with yours?"

"Liberals give me awful cramps," he said. "Like Buffy with vampires, but only in the movie.")


In the Shadow of Two Canes
is a sort-of crossover between House and The West Wing.  It's also beautifully conceived and executed.  They both wish the other one was real. (gen, House, West Wing)

Sun, Apr. 22nd, 2007, 01:03 am
daanae: Some crossover recs for you

Mirror, Mirror
, by houses, is a Harry Potter/BtVS crossover written for the '20 minutes with Andrew' challenge.  It's short, amusing, and great fun -- because Andrew would drive Snape nuts(gen, humour - Snape, Andrew, Neville)

(“You must desist. You must go home.” Snape’s eyelid was beginning to twitch. Whoever this boy was, he was ten times worse than Longbottom. At least Longbottom shut up occasionally.)


The Dark Side, by astolat (I rec a lot of astolat's work, and with good reason) is a Stargate: Atlantis/Star Wars fusion fic.  At first, I thought the premise a dubious one -- and then I read the story.  It works.  It works beautifully.  The characters stay true to themselves, and astolat fits them seamlessly into the Star Wars universe.  I could rave about this fic for pages, but shall instead say only:  Go.  Read it now.  (slash - McKay/Sheppard)

("You're not a very good Jedi, are you?" the Sith Lord said.

"Oh, excuse me, I am an
excellent Jedi," Rodney said.)


Rotational Invariance
, by idyll,is an Angel/Stargate: Atlantis crossover featuring Sheppard and his cousin Fred from Texas.  This is a well-written story with some truly beautiful use of language; I also enjoyed seeing Fred from a new perspective.  She often gets short shrift in fanfiction, or is so badly written as to lose everything that made her character so attractive in the first place.  With this story, idyll does Fred justice.  (gen; Fred, Sheppard, ensemble)

(Before John pulls away another car pulls up in front of the house. Three guys climb out, bickering with the ease and familiarity of people who've known each other for years, through many things large and small, and John watches Fred slide seamlessly into their midst as they walk--four abreast--up the walkway to her house.)


Constants, by Rhiannon Shaw, is the best Firefly/Highlander crossover I've read yet, and I've read several.  This is one of those rare stories that makes absolute, certain sense to me; I can believe that this is the way things were.  (gen; Amanda)

(There are Companions who know how to kill, thanks to her, and how to live, thanks to her, and how to endure when they'd rather die, and how to die if they must not live... all thanks to her.  They never speak her name outside the chapter-houses, even amongst themselves.  They never speak of where they learned such skill with a blade, or such timing with explosives, or the fine art of knowing silence...

Her name has always been Amanda, and no Companion would ever betray her.)


The Made-Up Things, by chaos_pockets, is an exquisite Harry Potter/Narnia crossover.  To describe it would ruin it; the author's summary is below.  (gen; Susan, Lily, Petunia)

(Once upon a time, there were four children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.  And then all that was left was Susan, who had two daughters.  One was named Petunia, and one was named Lily.)


My Space Adventure
, by skoosie, is a brilliant Stargate: Atlantis/Scrubs fusion fic.  Everyone is perfectly in character, and the whole story has the 'feel' of a particularly good Scrubs episode - right down to J.D.'s unrequited crush on Dr. Cox.  (slash; Cox/JD UST)

(There are two things on Atlantis that I'm not allowed to touch...

One: I’m not allowed anywhere near Dr. McKay with my ‘holistic hippie herbal
hoo-hah that’s even less of a science than botany, if that’s even possible;’ and two: I’m not allowed to even look in the direction of anything that resembles a weapon, since guns + JD = missing fingers for everyone. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for surgical re-attachments. Turk always has my back.)


Eight Crazy Pilots Serenity Didn't Keep
, by tassosss, is a story along the lines of the 'Five Things' challenges; all parts but the last one are crossovers.  This story is well-written and enjoyable; some of the lines in it are laugh-out-loud funny.  (gen; Firefly, Farscape, SGA, SG1, Star Wars, BSG)

(Jayne found Han Solo in a bar looking for a mechanic to help him fix his ship. He’d given up by the time he landed himself at Jayne’s table – the only one left with a chair empty at this hour – poured himself a drink and said, “I hate this mudball.” Jayne figured he’d hit the guy up for a few drinks only to learn that that’s what his new friend was up to and being broke was his whole problem with finding a mechanic in the first place. They bonded over not being able to pay their tab and being too drunk to not get in a fight about it.)


Remember -- everyone loves feedback, so if you enjoy a story, let the author know.

(If there are any broken links, let me know)

Thu, Apr. 19th, 2007, 09:33 pm
daanae: a whole post for one author...again.

Earlier, I rec'd everything that sam_storyteller had ever written.  Today, it's two ladies of quality's turn.

Career Change is, hands down, the best BtVS AU that I have ever read.  Period. 

It diverges from canon at the end of Crush; before Drusilla leaves town, she stops at the Magic Box and turns Giles, then leaves him on Spike's doorstep.  There are a great many fics out there in which one of the Scoobies gets vamped, and this one is head and shoulders above the lot of them.  The characterizations are flawless, the writing is elegant and descriptive, and the alternate unfolding of events not only makes sense, but is (in my opinion) a far better ending for Season Five than we were given. 

The sequel, Career Advancement, can be found on the same page, and is just as good.  (BtVS AU; slash and het UST - Spike/Giles, Spike/Xander UST, Spike/Buffy UST, Spike and Dawn friendship; Giles and Willow friendship)

While you're at her website, read everything she's written.  I particularly recommend Nessuno, which is not only an AU, but a human AU at that - and I liked it nearly as much as I liked Career Change(Nessuno is both slash and het - Spike/Xander (primary pairing), Giles and Xander friendship)

Wed, Apr. 11th, 2007, 11:56 am
daanae: more fic for you...

Today's recs?  Smallville/Justice League/Superman-related fic.

First up is The Short Heroic Career of Kal-El by Marcus L. Rowland.  This one's short, but it's funny.  (Smallville/Men in Black crossover - gen)

("Try this hero crap again and your residency permit's revoked," said K.)


Revenge, by astolat, is Clark/Lex future-fic with a twist.  The Joker's kidnapped President Luthor, and when Superman comes to the rescue, the Joker administered a drug that will destroy Superman's inhibitions.  Needless to say, he doesn't get the violent response he was hoping for.  It's dark and funny at the same time, and I love her portrayal of Lex.  The Batman parts are a lovely bonus, and the Jon Stewart cameo -- just, yeah.  This story rocks.  (slash - Clark/Lex.  Smallville/Justice League crossover).

"Oh, don't worry, Lexie," Joker said. "The big red S here is going to be doing lots, any second now." He cupped a hand around his mouth to stage-whisper towards the cameras. "Here's the surprise, boys and girls. We're here at the four-star Casa del Joker, where we've secretly replaced all of Superman's inhibitions with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if the President can tell the difference!")


Moving On
, also by astolat, is Justice League fic that adheres to the Smallville backstory.  It's also absolutely brilliant.  The author's summary is:  'Lex conquers the galaxy.  In style.'  And boy, does he.  This story is brimming with gorgeous details, and astolat is a gifted writer with a sense of both humour and drama.  (Clark/Lex slash - Justice League)

("I'm not going to be able to do that much conquering with just the population of Almerac," Lex said. "Besides, smaller systems won't put up much resistance if they know being conquered by me basically means entry into a massive free-trade zone and protection by the most successful fleet in the galaxy. In fact, I've got a few offers of surrender from ones I haven't even invaded yet."

Clark sat down and put his head in his hands.

"I am actually good at this, you know," Lex said.)


Reconcilable Differences is another JL/Smallville fusion-fic by astolat, and again, it's brilliant.  This one involves Kon, a.k.a. Superboy - who is canonically (and I swear I am not making this up) the test-tube-baby son of Lex Luthor and Superman.  Despite the crack-tastic premise, this is a wonderful story -- plot-filled, well-characterized, and well-written.  (Clark/Lex slash; Smallville/JL/crossover)

(Lex Luthor glanced around the room, one quick flicker of eyes that seemed to take everything in: Radson, the bed, the bare antiseptic walls, the thin pale blue quilt on the bed, the smoking TV, and then came to rest on Kon. Kon gulped. He wasn't about to yell for Clark, but he kind of felt like it. Visions of scalpels and vivisection were dancing in his head, and he really hadn't wanted to find out just how much worse things could get than this.

Luthor studied him a few moments, and then said, "Nice. I'm going to kick Clark's ass."

Kon was still boggling at that when Luthor turned to Radson. "I'd like to see the doctors in charge of Kon's case."

She was staring at him. "They've, they've gone home—"

"I'm sorry, maybe I'm not making myself clear," he said. "I want everyone who's been involved with this case here in," he looked at his watch, "fifteen minutes, unless they want to be looking for a new job tomorrow. And get me the files."

"Those are confidential!" she said. "I don't know what you're used to, Mr. Luthor, but—"

"Nurse Radson," Luthor said, "do you have a sense of the typical court awards for treating a minor without notification or consent of his parent or guardian? If not, I suggest you go look them up. And bring me my son's records. Now."

Oh, shit.)


Conflicts of Interest, by rageprufrock, and its sequel, Visiting Hours, are two long, lovely stories that deal with the aforementioned Superboy.  In these stories, though, he's Conner Luthor, son of the richest man in Metropolis.  Conner narrates both of these fics, and the voice is original and charming, and in the first one, so very nine-years-old.  They're both lengthy and enjoyable, and the host of well-fleshed out minor characters adds another dimension to the pleasure of reading these stories.  I really can't recommend them enough.  Arc is the continuation of these two stories, and though it's not finished, it's still worth reading.. (Clark/Lex slash; Smallville/JL crossover)

(When Conner was three, Superman had slammed into their front window, shattering all the bulletproof glass in the living room.  He remembered how he smelled blood and broken things and how his father had grabbed him and handed him over to Mrs. Banner.  She had started screaming when she saw something dark and green out of the corner of the window and dragged Conner into the panic room.  She'd curled around him, holding him tight, and he'd only been able to see snatches of what was happening over her shoulder as the seconds ticked by. 

When the metal-slick door had slid shut, Conner remembered that outside, his father had been leaning against a wall, standing with his back to Conner like a protector.  There had been blood running down the side of his arm and Superman had just pushed himself back up to his feet and Conner remembered that both of them looked like heroes.)


Your Next Bold Move
, by Sterling Dragonfly, is future-fic in which Lex decides to stop with the whole enemies thing and woo Clark.  Publicly.  This is crack-fic, but it's brilliant for all of that.  The Justice League cameos are an added bonus.  (Clark/Lex slash)

("Superman, this relationship between you and Luthor, it's not what I would call appropriate," Batman began.

"You're one to cast stones," Flash interjected, and man, Clark really loved Wally.

"Really," Robin muttered somewhere off to the side.

Flash, Batman and Clark all looked in the direction of the voice.

"Oh, *now* you all believe he molested me. Fuck you, guys."

Clark hung up .)


Thu, Mar. 29th, 2007, 11:10 pm
daanae: return of the recs...

I know it's been a while since I posted.  I'm bad.  I know this.   RL has been more swamp-like than usual lately, and has been sucking me in with a vengeance.

Still, I have tons of new recs for you all. 

'Cause that's how I roll.


I'm going to have to post them in multiples, just because I don't have the uninterrupted time to sit down and write them all at once.  So today, I will start with:

good omens crossover recs

And All the Kingdoms Thereof, by afrai, is a short Good Omens/Smallville crossover piece that is just brilliant.  The idea behind this story is funny and original, and the writing itself is sharp, eloquent, and well done.  (gen - Lionel, Hastur, Ligur)

(I jus' offered the Earth and all the kingdoms thereof," Hastur babbled.  "I never said anything about here!  I dunt know what happened!")


Angel of Death, also by afrai, (she rules) is a Good Omens/Highlander crossover that's just as good as the previous story.  I personally like it even better, but then, Methos is my favourite. (implied slash - Methos/Aziraphale, Crowley)

("Why didn't you just keep your mouth shut?" said Crowley much later.  "You were on a field of rotting corpses.  How bad could he be?

"But that's
it," said Aziraphale.   "They couldn't help being a bit iffy, poor souls.  It wasn't their fault.  Their hearts were pure -- well, fairly pure," he amended.  "His odour was simple obstinate lack of hygiene.  And anyway, he was evil.  His stench was the stench of evil -- it's not funny!")


I've rec'd daegar's fic before, and will repeat my claim that she writes the best Good Omens fic in existence.  Arrangements of the Carribean is proof.  Go.  Read it now.  (gen -- Jack Sparrow, Aziraphale, Crowley)

(" . . . impersonating a cleric of the Church of England . . . "

Captain Jack Sparrow gave a little laugh.

"Oh, yeah."

"You shouldn't have done that, you know.")


But For the Grace, by amberdiceless, is a Good Omens/Hellblazer fic that starts out as comedy and develops a beautifully melancholy twist.  The end is particularly inspired.  (slash, Crowley/Aziraphale, John Constantine)

("Well, you see what happens when you go drinking with strangers," Aziraphael said, mildly reproving, but he patted the demon's shoulder comfortingly as he passed by on his way to fetch the teapot.

"I do
that all the time," Crowley protested weakly. "How was I supposed to know he was number one on Hell's Most Wanted list? The drawing they sent 'round looks nothing like him!")


On a Blessed Plane
, by memlu, is a Good Omens/Snakes on a Plane crossover.  Stop looking at me like that.  Go read the story.  I promise it's worth it.  (gen - Crowley, Aziraphale, and a lot of motherfuckin' snakes)

("--had it with these snakes!" a rather intimidating fellow to the fore shouted. There was a faint click and then a flash of silver as he brandished a gun, and Aziraphale said, "Oh, dear."

"This is much better than the in-flight movie," said Crowley, with deep satisfaction.)


This Untitled Good Omens/Sandman crossover by odditycollector is brilliant and beautiful and very much more a Sandman piece than a Good Omens one.  I can practically see this in comic form as I read it.  (implied slash -- Crowley/Aziraphale, Desire)

(There are enough people in London with pale skin and black hair and good cheekbones, but Aziraphale’s more unnerved by the cut of the clothes and the practised, arrogant stance. No sunglasses, but the eyes that return his stare are a gold that could pass for honey instead of yellow.

Aziraphale crosses his arms and looks at the sky. “I had thought your kind deals in humans,” he says. “In creatures that can dream and want.”)


Sun, Oct. 15th, 2006, 08:04 am
daanae: An update devoted to one particular author...

...because he is quite possibly the best fic writer out there.

I've rec'd fic by this author before.  Stealing Harry and its sequels comprise my favourite AU of all time.  I have, however, failed to pay adequate tribute to the wonder that is Sam Starbuck. 

He writes in a whole spate of fandoms.  His characterizations are always spot-on.  I have a particular yen for AUs and crossovers -- and Sam is an expert at both types of story. 

I could rec everything he's written, but it would take me all night.   What I've done is select a few of his stories to give you some idea of what I'm talking about.  The rest of Sam's fic can be found here.

and now on to the fic...

I do not read Real Person fic.  Ever.  I do, however, read everything that Sam Starbuck writes, because he is brilliant.  So I read One Two Three Rest, which is Real Person fic featuring Dre and Eminem.  There's no slash here, just Dre looking at the raw, burning talent that is Eminem and really seeing it.  I won't go into more detail -- there is an excerpt below, and the quality of Sam's writing speaks for itself.

Dre remembers the first time he saw Mathers because you don't fuckin forget, do you? This little dude, not even that big, standing out like an albino at the fuckin Apollo. This little white dude with the squint around his blue eyes.

But you don't forget Mathers because you see this pasty little white kid get up onstage with a black mixer and a black boom boxer and a houseful of niggaz laughing at his white ass and you hear the beat and then you hear this
cracker start to freestyle and it's all fuckin over, man. This isn't some Ice wannabe, this kid is thug and he knows he's thug and the fuck-you look in his eyes is the stuff of fuckin nightmares. Dre's only ever seen that look once before on a white man and that was the time he shot a skinhead who thought he could fuck with Dre.

The kid is pissed off at something, it's not hard to tell that [....] Dre sees him watching everything that goes on, taking it all in, processing it in that head that spits out some badass rhyme. Kid doesn't even fuckin know the meaning of the phrase "internal rhyme" and he spits it as good as Dre himself does. Not that Dre'd admit it, but he thinks maybe the kid knows it.

The Rational Mind is pg-rated Holmes/Watson.  This is another one of those fandoms that I usually wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, but was in this case totally captivated by Sam's writing.  This fic is a rarity in that it focuses mainly on Watson and lets the insights about Holmes be drawn subtly from his reactions.  The portraits of both characters are beautifully conceived and expertly written, but I particularly enjoy the portrayal of Watson.  Sam deals here with the damage that the war in Afghanistan must have caused such a man, and deals with it wonderfully.  (Holmes/Watson slash)

The Uncle is a Potter-verse AU on the best sort of crack, in which Remus, abandoned at the age of ten, becomes a crime boss and takes Harry from the Dursleys.  This is a must-read, just as everything Sam writes is.  (Remus/Sirius slash, AU - pg13)

Cartographer's Craft
is another Potter-verse AU, this time without the crack.  It's still incredibly addictive, however.  Sam's summary for the fic is below; however, I would like to note here that this is a particularly beautiful story with perfect characterizations.

Summary: In the summer after Harry's sixth year, Harry and Remus uncover a section of the Marauder's Map which has been hidden for the past twenty years, releasing a carbon copy of sixteen-year-old Sirius Black from its depths. As they prepare for the impending war, Sirius must find a place for himself in this new world, Harry must find a way to destroy Voldemort, and Remus must face his own past while trying to build a tenuous future with Tonks. RL/NT, RW/HG, HP/SB.

is a piece of Captain Jack Sparrow's history.  Haven't you ever wondered about the things Jack keeps woven into his hair?  Sam did, and the result was, as always, a beautifully-written story.  Spoilers only for the first movies.  (PotC, implied slash - Jack/Will)


That should give you an idea as to Sam's brilliance.  Go now and read.

Tue, Oct. 10th, 2006, 03:22 am
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no, i haven't forgotten you...

Daemons Luminati, by Kalima, is one of the most interesting Buffy AU's I have ever read.  It's redemption-fic, but with a twist -- and without a soul in sight.  I'm a fan of Evil!Spike.  I especially love fic that explores just how far he can go without becoming an Angel-clone.  This is that fic.  (B/S - het)

Emerging, by eliade, (livejournal) is post NFA fic.  It's also Spike/Xander, which I read but rarely rec, as it's too damned hard to find believable fic in this pairing.  This story is believable.  It's sad and beautiful and hopeful by degrees, and it almost managed to resign me to Spike's soul.  (Spike/Xander, slash)

Since I'm reccing post-NFA fic, here's another.  Nevertime, by anaross, (livejournal) is another beautiful story in which Angel finds the sort of bitter peace he can accept, and Spike just finds peace.  (Buffy/Spike, Angel(us)/Spike)

Senterprise-D, by inlovewithnight is one of the best Firefly crossovers out there.  This is total crackfic -- but it's the good kind.  (gen - Firefly/Star Trek: TNG crossover)

Kristen Murphy's
Storms in the Desert is Firefly/Highlander fic.  It's a brief intersection of lives - River and Methos and Simon - and one of the best done crossovers I've read in ages.  The characterizations are phenomenal, and I'm terribly sad that this author has no more Highlander fic posted.  (gen - Highlander/Firefly crossover)

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daanae: recs, recs, recs

so here's a bunch of recs for you....

Darling Boy, by Teresa C., is a beautifully written Highlander gen-fic that easily rivals any of the better episodes.  Features a wonderfully-done everybody, but I was particularly fond of her version of Methos.  This is set before CaH/Rev6:8, but there's a bit at the end that previews those episodes, and sends a chill up my spine.  (HL; gen, Methos, Duncan, Joe)

New York August
, by Europanya, is pre-series Buffy-fic, featuring Spike loose in New York in the summer of 1977.  You can practically see Spike while reading this, evil and unrepentant and -- yeah.  Let's say I have a thing for pre-series Spike and leave it at that, shall we?  The brief encounter with Robin Wood is lovely, as is this entire story.  (BtVS - gen, rated M)


jennuine has written a letter from James to Remus and Sirius that is too bloody funny for words.  I shall only include James's introduction, as that tells you all you need to know.

"All Hail James Potter, or Why You Should Both Take A Minute From Your Incessant Shagging To THANK Me, You Ungrateful Gits: A Letter to Mssrs. Sirius O. Black and Remus J. Lupin, from M. James D. Potter."

And then sazlette wrote a sequel.  And life was good.

We, Messrs S. O. Black and R. J. Lupin, do hereby declare (I'm sorry Prongs, Moony's making me write it like this. Ow ow and now he's pinching me stop that Moony you great girl!), do hereby declare that you, Mr J. D. Potter, are an enormous prat. With stupid hair.

(Harry Potter.  R/S slash)


and now more buffy recs for you....

Booster's I Really Don't Like Mondays is a wonderfully light-hearted s5 Angel fic, written from the Great Brooding Git's own POV.  Eve is annoyed with him, the mail room guys keep attempting assassination, and Spike has been mysteriously absent all day.... (angel, gen, humour)

Card Sharp, by Caro, made me laugh like a demented thing.  Parker Abrams, meet Harmony Kendall.  It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  And Harmony's business cards -- yeah.  This one's funny.  (BtVS, gen, humour)

There are some incredible Buffy/Sandman crossovers out there, and Doyle has written one of the best.  A Girl Made of Sky is a beautiful, surreal gem of a story.  Featuring Dawn and the Cheeseman, this fic makes sense of the latter character in a way that fits perfectly into the Joss-verse.  You don't need to know Sandman to get this story, but if you don't, what are you waiting for?   Go buy the books.  (Dawn, gen)

And while I'm on a Dawn kick, Green's Best Friends 4-Ever is a heartbreaking little ficlet.  Dawn isn't normal, she never existed, and the end of this story is like a kick to the chest.  (Dawn, gen)

France is That Way?, by Harry Lime, is the story of how Spike met Harmony, and the two of them turned London by its heels.  The sheer chaos the two of them spawn in this story is delightful, and I could just see the Watcher's Council panicking.  (BtVS, gen, Spike/Harmony)

Luna's Chiarascuro is one of the most interesting pieces of fanfic I have ever read.  Anya through the centuries, through the eyes of great artists.  Read this fic now.  (pre-series.  Anya)

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daanae: See? Not abandoned after all.

Just a few recs today....

First up is Tryfanstone's Postcards.  This is a Highlander/X2 crossover on some serious crack.  But it's good crack.  I won't give a summary here, as that would completely spoil it.   Just the first line --  'Duncan MacLeod spilled his popcorn.' 

Go.  Read it.  (Put your drink down first.)  (gen -- Methos, Duncan, Joe, others)

Next is Shaggydogstail's Teenage Kicks, in which Sirius has an unrequited crush on Stubby Boardman.  This is already rec'd in several places, but I couldn't resist adding it here.  Well-written, and very cute without being nauseating, this story made me remember what it was like to be a teenager myself.  The ending made me grin.  (slash implied)

Finally, Christwise has posted Better Left Unheard, a series of shorts on the Marauders' thoughts at various times in their lives.  This is a beautifully-written, powerful piece.  Go and read it.  Tell her you like it.  (WARNING -- CHARACTER DEATH.  slash implied)

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