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no, i haven't forgotten you...

Daemons Luminati, by Kalima, is one of the most interesting Buffy AU's I have ever read.  It's redemption-fic, but with a twist -- and without a soul in sight.  I'm a fan of Evil!Spike.  I especially love fic that explores just how far he can go without becoming an Angel-clone.  This is that fic.  (B/S - het)

Emerging, by eliade, (livejournal) is post NFA fic.  It's also Spike/Xander, which I read but rarely rec, as it's too damned hard to find believable fic in this pairing.  This story is believable.  It's sad and beautiful and hopeful by degrees, and it almost managed to resign me to Spike's soul.  (Spike/Xander, slash)

Since I'm reccing post-NFA fic, here's another.  Nevertime, by anaross, (livejournal) is another beautiful story in which Angel finds the sort of bitter peace he can accept, and Spike just finds peace.  (Buffy/Spike, Angel(us)/Spike)

Senterprise-D, by inlovewithnight is one of the best Firefly crossovers out there.  This is total crackfic -- but it's the good kind.  (gen - Firefly/Star Trek: TNG crossover)

Kristen Murphy's
Storms in the Desert is Firefly/Highlander fic.  It's a brief intersection of lives - River and Methos and Simon - and one of the best done crossovers I've read in ages.  The characterizations are phenomenal, and I'm terribly sad that this author has no more Highlander fic posted.  (gen - Highlander/Firefly crossover)
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recs, recs, recs

so here's a bunch of recs for you....

Darling Boy, by Teresa C., is a beautifully written Highlander gen-fic that easily rivals any of the better episodes.  Features a wonderfully-done everybody, but I was particularly fond of her version of Methos.  This is set before CaH/Rev6:8, but there's a bit at the end that previews those episodes, and sends a chill up my spine.  (HL; gen, Methos, Duncan, Joe)

New York August
, by Europanya, is pre-series Buffy-fic, featuring Spike loose in New York in the summer of 1977.  You can practically see Spike while reading this, evil and unrepentant and -- yeah.  Let's say I have a thing for pre-series Spike and leave it at that, shall we?  The brief encounter with Robin Wood is lovely, as is this entire story.  (BtVS - gen, rated M)


jennuine has written a letter from James to Remus and Sirius that is too bloody funny for words.  I shall only include James's introduction, as that tells you all you need to know.

"All Hail James Potter, or Why You Should Both Take A Minute From Your Incessant Shagging To THANK Me, You Ungrateful Gits: A Letter to Mssrs. Sirius O. Black and Remus J. Lupin, from M. James D. Potter."

And then sazlette wrote a sequel.  And life was good.

We, Messrs S. O. Black and R. J. Lupin, do hereby declare (I'm sorry Prongs, Moony's making me write it like this. Ow ow and now he's pinching me stop that Moony you great girl!), do hereby declare that you, Mr J. D. Potter, are an enormous prat. With stupid hair.

(Harry Potter.  R/S slash)


and now more buffy recs for you....

Booster's I Really Don't Like Mondays is a wonderfully light-hearted s5 Angel fic, written from the Great Brooding Git's own POV.  Eve is annoyed with him, the mail room guys keep attempting assassination, and Spike has been mysteriously absent all day.... (angel, gen, humour)

Card Sharp, by Caro, made me laugh like a demented thing.  Parker Abrams, meet Harmony Kendall.  It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  And Harmony's business cards -- yeah.  This one's funny.  (BtVS, gen, humour)

There are some incredible Buffy/Sandman crossovers out there, and Doyle has written one of the best.  A Girl Made of Sky is a beautiful, surreal gem of a story.  Featuring Dawn and the Cheeseman, this fic makes sense of the latter character in a way that fits perfectly into the Joss-verse.  You don't need to know Sandman to get this story, but if you don't, what are you waiting for?   Go buy the books.  (Dawn, gen)

And while I'm on a Dawn kick, Green's Best Friends 4-Ever is a heartbreaking little ficlet.  Dawn isn't normal, she never existed, and the end of this story is like a kick to the chest.  (Dawn, gen)

France is That Way?, by Harry Lime, is the story of how Spike met Harmony, and the two of them turned London by its heels.  The sheer chaos the two of them spawn in this story is delightful, and I could just see the Watcher's Council panicking.  (BtVS, gen, Spike/Harmony)

Luna's Chiarascuro is one of the most interesting pieces of fanfic I have ever read.  Anya through the centuries, through the eyes of great artists.  Read this fic now.  (pre-series.  Anya)
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one buffy rec...

only one rec today, but it's a good one.

The Bowiehabarata, by Mustang Sally and RivkaT is incomparable.  It splits from canon sometime in early season Five - which means that there is Dawn, but no Glory yet.  This is a series in four parts, each of them novel-length, each of them incredibly well-written, plotted, etc., though in my opinion the fourth part is weaker than the others.

The stories focus in part on the relationship between Buffy and Spike, a relationship that is not only wonderfully written, but more believable and more enjoyable than the relationship the two ended up in on the actual show.  The sex in these stories is incredibly well done, and my god is it hot; however, it's not merely porn for porn's sake. 

The Buffy/Spike relationship in these stories forces both of them to grow and change, and the authors handle this necessity gracefully and well, while remaining true to the characters.  These stories never fall into either of the two great traps of B/S fanfic.  The existence of a relationship doesn't make everything hearts and flowers and non-poker-stakes kittens; nor is it presented as an impossibility, or as Buffy's 'dirty little secret.' 

The characterizations in these stories are absolutely flawless, not only for the principals, but for the Scoobies as well.  Worth mentioning is the fact that a large portion of this series is written from Buffy's POV.  Hers is not an easy character to write, but these two authors have done a phenomenal job.  Their Spike, too, is spot-on and incredibly believable.

Another wonderful thing about this series is the plethora of interesting, well-fleshed-out villains and supporting characters.  I really cannot rave about this series enough.  There's a reason that it's considered the ultimate B/S series in the BtVS fandom by many, many people.

The first story, The Heart's Filthy Lesson, ties the Buffy-verse into WWII far more convincingly than the episode 'Why We Fight' did.  One antagonist, a Nazi vamp named Georg who was present at Wansee, resurrects a demon named Karl who was also there.  The glittering pomp of the neo-Nazi rally is chillingly described, and the flashbacks to Spike's experiences during WWII are wonderfully done.  

In the second story, Serious Moonlight, Buffy and Spike are accidentally sent back to 1920's Egypt - directly into the hands of that time period's Slayer and a group of Watchers.  Spike becomes human again as a result of the time-travel spell, in order to avoid the paradox that his being in two places as a vampire would cause.  (I think that's a particularly nice touch.)  The current Slayer and her Watchers are trying to prevent the resurrection of a particularly powerful vampire, Sekhmet, who was also the avatar of a goddess.  Again, the historical bits are wonderfully written, and feel very much 'in period.'  The relationship between Buffy and Spike continues to develop, and the dynamics of his suddenly human status are subtly, beautifully handled.

, the third story in the series, brings Angel into the mix  and does it well.  Citalia, the newest international pop sensation, is much older than she looks - and she wants revenge on Spike and Angel for events that occurred back in Angelus's glory days.  There is slash in this story in some of the flashbacks - which are, as always, beautifully handled.  Again, the relationships between the characters are a large part of the reason for the excellence of this story.  Angel's reaction to Buffy and Spike - and Spike's reaction to his reaction - are far better than anything TPTB decided to give us.

Buffy Summers and the Spiders From Mars, the fourth story, is set after the end of s6, which is a little confusing.  This story is a little rougher than the others, and has an unfinished feel, but it's still worth reading.  The giant spiders are worthy of Joss himself, and again, the relationship between Buffy and Spike is beautifully handled.

My point?  You should go read these stories.  They're fantastic.

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